Non-Toxic Housekeeping Class

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Save money and reduce your family’s exposure to toxic cleaners! Join us and learn: how to avoid using toxic chemicals and still provide a clean, healthy and comfortable home; how […]

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Take Action Against Bullying

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Bullying has become such a widespread problem it is now being recognized as a major mental health concern for children and youth, having been found to leave long-term emotional scars […]

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ADHD 101 – What We Want to Know but Forgot to Ask!

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This workshop will offer the framework to help us understand what Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is, what causes it, how to diagnose and who can diagnose it; the symptoms, what helps, […]

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Creating a Calming Bottle for your Kids

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Join us for this fun inexpensive family craft activity for any age! We have a simple 4-item activity to create a unique calming bottle for children that sometimes can help […]

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LGBTQ+ Youth

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In this interactive webinar, Chris will provide an overview of the concerns many LGBTQ+ youth face and will present on the alarming statistics that impact this group of young people. […]

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Suicide Prevention Awareness in our Youth

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The US and Maine have experienced an increase in suicide rates across all ages during the past decade. The increase among youth is the largest of any age group. Suicide […]

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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Event

Ginny's Natural Corner, 217 North Ave in Skowhegan 217 North Ave

We have a fun filled time for the whole family! At this location we will be live offering a workshop “Managing Stress” from 12:30-2 p.m. (see description below) There will […]

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