“Last One Picked – First One Picked On: Learning Disabilities and Social Skills”

RSU Adult & Community Education , Bucksport High School 102 Broadway #1 and GOTO

Do you watch your child struggle with social isolation and rejection? This workshop will provide parents, caregivers, and teachers with strategies for teaching our kids the social skills they will need for success in social interaction. Participants will learn about positive traits for peer acceptance, student traits that teachers like, and the “hidden curriculum" About […]

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Evening Support Group

Go-To Meeting

You are NOT Alone! Parenting and raising a child/youth is often challenging, however even more so with a child with an emotional or behavioral health concern. Join us in this safe place with no shame, blame or judgment from the comfort of your home on your tablet or smart phone and chat with other parents […]

RSVP Now Free 46 spots left