As parents, many of us are full of emotion when we finally make the call to someplace/someone to help “fix” things for our child with special needs.

What happens is, our emotions alienate the very person that can help us. Our emotions come through as frustration and anger. Then we become even more upset when this person rejects us.

The fact is, we need to take the time to think about what we really need to say, so we can better communicate and make better sense for the person who has answered the phone and is willing to listen to us.

So next time a problem arises, take a good deep breath, do some research, find out what opportunities are available and exactly what your child needs. Take some notes before you make the call, and do all you can to make this person your friend. If we are asking them to help, or to work with us, then we need to be sure they want to be a partner.

Our children will reap the benefit of the time we took to reorganize our thoughts.